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Global Convention Plaza Information
5F, Global Convention Plaza, Global Education Center for Engineers, 1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 08826

From the Airport

From Incheon International Airport

From Incheon International Airport
Bus No. Route Bus Stop location
(1st Floor) 6B,13A
6017 Airforce Club(Daebang-dong), Boramae Stn., Boramae Park, Kyungnam Honers Ville, Daerim Market, Korea Resources Corporation, Guro Digital Complex Stn., Shindaebang Stn., Lotte Department Store(Gwanak), Bongcheon Stn., Bongcheon Sageori, Naksungdae Ipgo,Seoul Nat'l Univ. Hoam Faculty House
To Incheon First 04:20 To CAT First 05:40
Last 20:40 Last 22:45
Interval 30~40min. Transit time 70~75min.
Type Limousine (Deluxe) Fare KRW 15,000
From Incheon International Airport
Bus No. Route Bus Stop location
(1st Floor) 6A,12B
6003 Gimpo Int'l Airport, Songjeong Stn., Balsan Stn., KBS Sports World(88gym), Gangseo-gu Office Sageori, Deungchon Middle School(Hotel GreenWorld), Gangseo-gu Council, Daeil High School, Mok-dong Sageori, Mok-dong Stn., Galsan Elementary School, Guro Industrial Tool Arcade, Guro Stn., Guro-gu Office, Daerim Stn., Lotte Dept. Store(Gwanak), Sillim Stn., Bongcheon Stn., Seoul Nat'l Univ. Station, Gwanak-gu Office,Seoul Nat'I University
To Incheon First 04:30 To CAT First 05:10
Last 20:00 Last 22:45
Interval 12~20min. Transit time 90min.
Type Limousine (Standard) Fare KRW 9,000

From GIMPO International Airport

From GIMPO International Airport
Bus No. 6003
Route guide Incheon Int'l Airport-Gimpo Int'l Airport-Songjeong Station-Balsan Station-88 Gymnasium-Hotel Nostalgia-Gangseo gu Council-Daeil High School-Mokdong Sageori-Mokdong Station-Galsan Elementary School-Guro Industrial Tool Shopping Center-Guro Station-Gurogu Office-Daerim Station-Lotte Dept. Store(Gwanak)-Shinnim Station-Bongcheon Station-Seoul Nat'l Univ. Station-Gwanak gu Office-Seoul Nat'l Univ.
First/Last Bus First bus : 05 : 30,
Last bus : 23 : 20
Fare guide KRW 4,000
Bus Stop location

Limousine Bus

  • The ‘Limousine bus’ is a convenient and inexpensive way to get to SNU Gwanak Campus from Incheon International Airport. Take airport limousine bus number 6017 or 6003. The bus 6017 comes directly from Incheon to SNU back gate (Hoam Faculty House) within 70 minutes. The bus 6003 comes to SNU main gate via Gimpo Airport, and it takes 110 minutes under normal traffic conditions.
  • Service is available everyday from early morning to night time at Incheon International Airport with no charge for the baggage.


  • The taxi fare for coming to SNU Gwanak campus from Incheon International Airport is around 60,000 won depending on the traffic situation.
  • By Deluxe Taxi (Mobeom Taxi), which offers kinder service, the approximate fare is 80,000 won.

To be announced

사업자번호 : 101-82-66844 / 대표자명 : 김선종 / 상호명 : 대한악안면 성형 재건외과 학회
03080) 서울시 종로구 대학로 101번지(연건동) 서울대학교치과병원 지하1층 169호 Tel. 02)468-0085 Fax. 02)741-7581
DaeHak-ro 101(Yeongeon-dong). Jongno-gu Seoul. 03080. Seoul, Korea