The Korean Association of Maxillofacial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (KAMPRS) was found on 10th. November 1962 with the participation of many professionals scientifically passionate and trying to succeeding this part of learning.

This association has 11 departments with specific roles. The Dept. of Academic Affairs is the responsible to organize symposiums, conferences and seminars, the Dept.

of Education & Research Affairs works on the improvement of the profession working on rules, publishing books and materials concerning to the speciality. The Editorial Department publishes the association journal, and also help the associators to access to materials through the Internet services.

The Dept. of Publishing Affairs works on the publicity and advertisements of different activities of KAMPRS by papers, journals, magazines and Internet. The Dept. of Information and Communication Affairs is the responsible to promote the associators to get the e-mail and member's ID of the KAMPRS site, for an easy access to all the information it has. ? The Dept. of Public Relations leads the interrelationship between different associations and organizations, promoting the participation of the associators in international conferences, training programs, charity activities and medical services in countries like Vietnam and Kazakhstan. The Dept. of Insurance Affairs works on the improvement of the medical insurance system, concerning its different applications and the reform of the DRG classification of the services.

In the 29th. General Assembly of 1990, the plan for the regulation of Diplomates took effect, and the Association plans to have this year the 15th. Qualifying Exam for Diplomates.

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